Lets finish this quickly

[This post have spoilers about the last episodes of Anime and Manga]

I want to talk about a lot of things in that post and I going to do 2 parts: one for the anime and the other for the manga.


I want to say a lot of things about the anime, but before all I have to say… WHY MEIN HAVE TO DIE? No no and no. Why they have to kill all the fucking members of Night Raid? I don’t understand nothing! But it’s ok… They have to finish the anime with 3 more episodes and they have to explain a lot of things in few episodes. The episodes 20 and 21 are (in my opinion) a bullshit because they take 10 episodes of the manga for do 2 on the anime. But in the episode 22 they do it better and explain the things how they have to do. The battle of Akame vs Kurome was really interesting and emotive. And Wave is a really good character but in the anime he don’t have a lot of relevance. The final battle I hope it’s going to be so fucking awesome with the mega mecha of the emperor.



Uoooh! The episode 54 of the manga is out!  I wait about 2 weeks to read it in a language I can understand. And I have only one thing to say: IT’S FUCKING AWESOME! Mein vs Esdeath and Budou it’s incredible and the new form of Incursio it’s incredible too. I don’t have a lot of things to say because it’s only a part of the battle and don’t have a lot of dialogue. But I love it because it have a lot of epic moments and they have a lot of time to explain the things like the want to.


Thats all what I want to say, oh wait one more thing… In Akame we trust!



What is happening with the Anime?

[This post have spoilers about the last episodes of Anime and Manga]

In this post I want to talk about the 2 last episodes of the anime of Akame Ga Kill!. But before I want to say an easy thing… WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY DOING WITH THE ANIME? I really love this anime but the last episodes are a fucking bullshit, they have to finish quickly and they took 10 episodes of the manga and they do it in 2 on the anime, thats why somethings (like the Tatsumi and Mein first kiss) doesn’t happens and the [Spoiler] death of Lubba (Anime) is so different to the death of Raba (Manga).

Lubba/Raba is one of my favorites characters, I prefer if he still alive but I’m not disappointed with his death (on the manga) because you can see how much strong and intelligent he is. He dies killing the son of the minister and in my opinion it’s worth. But in the anime he die killing the same man but in a 1vs1 battle, the battle was okay but is not the same.

I wish they will use well the latest episodes and do a good end for that amazing anime.